Our corporate culture

The DNA of GMH Gruppe

There are many good reasons to choose a career at GMH Gruppe: steel remains one of the most important materials for practically all key industries – and the future is very promising. Urbanisation, mobility and infrastructure will continue to create opportunities for growth.

Find out what GMH Gruppe believes in:

Our values

We put our core values into practice – every day

We do not merely pay lip-service to values such as teamwork, customer centricity and excellence. These values govern our day-to-day activities. Moreover, they apply to all of us – including senior executives, engineers and production staff. Because every one of us shares responsibility for our working environment, and for our shared success – today and in the future. And employees who are inspired by their work in turn will inspire others.

  • Combining work and family life

    It is important to us that all employees are able to strike a healthy balance between their working and personal lives. For this reason, we offer flexible working hours that can be tailored to personal imperatives, subsidies for childcare, and family-friendly HR policies.

  • Pensions

    GMH Gruppe employees are able to participate in a company pension plan.

  • Workplace health and safety

    We organise annual health initiatives designed to raise awareness among the GMH Gruppe workforce regarding issues such as nutrition and exercise, and to motivate them to do a little more. There is also a special prize awarded for outstanding projects in this connection. We also conduct regular surveys to gauge our employees’ physical and mental health needs – and use the findings to define and implement continuous improvements.

  • Accident insurance

    As a GMH Gruppe employee, you and your family are insured against accidents – worldwide, and every single day of the year.

  • Is there a company restaurant, subsidies for childcare, a private pension plan?

    GMH Gruppe includes a considerable number of companies and, consequently, benefits can vary. Please contact an appropriate representative within your organisation to discover what policies and opportunities apply to you. We are happy to provide comprehensive answers to your questions.